This troubleshooting guide is meant as a reference only. Your motor problem may be unique, but most motor performance problems are caused by battery, battery charging, and wire connection issues. Before calling Hammer-Head, please make sure that you have checked all wiring connections for tightness, remove any corrosion, and checked wires for excessive twisting. Please also be sure you are following the charging guidelines.

With proper maintenance and care, Hammer-Head units can provide many years of reliable performance.  Use the chart below to see the age of your Hammer-Head motor. You can download this guide by clicking an arrow below. Use this chart to find out what year your motor was made. If you decide to send in your motor for service, please download this a motor service request form and read it completely for instructions on how and where to send it.
NOTE: We are no longer repairing motors built in 2006 and earlier.